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Tyler Bradford Tyler Bradford is a TDI and SDI Instructor Trainer and a NAUI Technical Instructor.
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Inspiration Rebreather Courses - Rebreathers come in many makes and models but closed circuit mixed gas rebreathers offer a number of advantages. The gas is recycled which involves a process of scrubbing out the carbon dioxide and then adding oxygen to achieve the desired gas mix. With this type of Rebreather the diver enjoys the "best mix" throughout their entire dive and consequently the decompression obligation can be only a fraction of what someone on traditional open circuit scuba may incur.

Tyler Bradford has some of the best underwater photos and videos you'll ever see. Photos from deep inside some of the world's most prestigeous wrecks and dive sites. Some of the best photos ever taken of the Gunilda, Empress of Ireland, Carl D Bradley and many other underwater scuba diving sites are here to help show you what only the most advanced trained technical diver will ever hope to see.
Wreck Diving is probably the most adventurous type of underwater exploration. It requires a high level of training and skill maintenance to provide the diver with safety and security in the water. Understanding the dangers and elements that confront every wreck diver and how to identify solutions are the focus of your training. Anyone can go inside of a strange, dark, cold, overhead environment ..... not everyone can come back out.

Dive sites like the Empress of Ireland are what many consider to be the pinnacle dive of a lifetime. But without the proper training or understanding of this dive site may allow you to be kicked in the butt by this amazing world class wreck. Knowing your limitations and recognizing and addressing your skill requirements are what is required for this kind of serious wreck diving. The Gunilda is a much deeper dive but not as intimidating. Diving the Gunilda is a more technical dive which requires advanced trimix training, but a much easier wreck to navigate.

World Class Wreck Diving - Advanced Diving & Expeditions Inc. will provide any diver who has ever dreamed of the dive of a lifetime. Technical diver training with the skills and confidence to achieve their pinnacle dive, whether it be in the cold, dark, St Lawrence River as it enters into the Gulf of St Lawrence, the dark descent onto the Gunilda in Lake Superior ... or the crystal blue, warm tropical water in Truk Lagoon exploring the WWII underwater remains of the Japanese fleet.

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