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Diving The Empress of Ireland

The Empress of Ireland About the Empress of Ireland -

RMS Empress of Ireland was an ocean liner built in 1905 by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering at Govan on the Clyde in Scotland for Canadian Pacific Steamships (CP). This Empress was distinguished by the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) prefix in front of her name because the British government and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) had decades earlier reached agreement on a mail subsidy contract between Britain and Hong Kong via Canada.

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Diving the Empress of Ireland is a pinnacle wreck dive for any serious wreck diving enthusiast . Each year we run several dive trips to this location. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible experience when diving this world class site. This will allow you to see and explore many areas that would otherwise take years of diving to discover.

The number of possible diving days on the Empress range from 6-7 days with two possible dives on each day. All expeditions include excellent accommodations with full kitchen facilities, all charter fees, all breathing gas fills (there is a surcharge for trimix if requested), all provincial permits where required, a complimentary guided orientation dive, thorough dive briefings throughout the entire expedition, tours of local memorial sites and the Empress of Ireland Museum,.... and an excellent post expedition celebration and dinner.

While not exploring the underwater environment on the Empress of Ireland, we will make sure that you don't miss out on the amazing culture and attractions that this area has to offer.

Diving on the Empress of Ireland is a great adventure, and only the true, underwater explorer is able to really appreciate the intensity and magnificence of this dive. It isn't deep (150') but it's still a technical dive and can be very demanding on you both physically and mentally. The current, cold water and vastness of this ocean liner can be very intimidating, so even the most seasoned and experienced divers need to stay sharp! You are diving in an underwater tomb, and when you reach the ship after your descent, you'll understand why. There are LOTS to see on this amazing wreck dive.

Here's what Greg K had to say:
"Tyler conducted an excellent orientation before any diving started. This included plans of the Empress as well as a briefing on the appropriate practices for this location. There were also briefings before every dive. The first dive was led by Tyler. The group toured the bow and forward half of the wreck. We saw the ship's name on the port bow, the port chain locker, first and third class entrances, and the 10 ton anchor. The second dive, also led by Tyler, was a short penetration to the first class staircase and the entrance to the first class dining hall. Other notable dives led by Tyler included a starboard lifeboat, and the first class galley. The group also divided into various teams and conducted independent dives. Dives were relatively short so as to limit decompression in the cold water. Dry gloves are a must have. Visibility was good to excellent for the entire trip, although this may be a fluke.

The Empress is so large that I only just scratched the surface this week. It seems possible to dive her for a year and see something different every dive, with extensive penetration possible. Most of my time was spent on the outside just getting to know the general layout and it was enjoyable time well spent! In conclusion, I must say this was an excellent trip. I'd love to go back. Everything was exactly as promised. I had the opportunity to observe other operators while up there. I think I've scored a home run the first time out. Jean-Pierre's boat handling and knowledge of the river were flawless."
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Grand Staircase on the Empress of Ireland

    Diver Requirements
  • Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Techniques
  • It is strongly advised to have Dan Master Insurance or an equivalent coverage
  • You will also need to show proof of 4 cold water dives in the 150' range in the current season
"We will arrange suitable dives for those who don't get these in on their own. This trip will be limited to 6 divers."

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